Women's Mental Health - US-UAE-Israel Congress, Dubai, Feb 6, 2022

Publicerad: 09 April 2021

Av: Karl Lundblad

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Reklam: Internationell kongress om kvinnohälsa
SPF har fått information om en gemensam konferens mellan USA-Israel-Förenta arabemiraten kring kvinnohälsa, med fokus på mental hälsa. Läs mer nedan:
Joint USA-UAE-Israel Congress on Women’s Mental Health (WMH) will be held February 6-9, 2022 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, as a face-to-face meeting at the Intercontinental Festival City Hotel.
The main theme of our congress is women’s mental health which is a key theme for the 21st century in the region of the Middle East but also throughout the world. Studies show a close connection between women’s mental health and that of their children and families. Psychiatrists are full partners in the efforts of mental health teams to increase mental health and be partners in the social changes that are affecting all our societies.
Topics discussed in the congress include:
· women’s sexuality and mental health,
· women’s mental health throughout her life cycle (infertility, pregnancy, postpartum depression, aging, menopause, hormonal replacement
· psychiatric consequences of rape, sexual trauma, and childhood abuse.
The congress was inspired by the “Abraham Accords”, an agreement signed between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and facilitated by the USA that is expected to commence a new era of Arab-Israeli relations and cooperation.
The congress will be held jointly with the Israel Psychiatric Association (IPA) and the Emirates Society of Mental Health. We will have ample time for participants from around the world to share their experiences with their colleagues from Israel and the UAE.
Further information can be found on the congress website at www.wmh2022.com